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Skin Like Butter

by Leah Cowan

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When Jerome travels to England to study, he finds himself trapped within a Kafkaesque world of officers, guards, interviewers, raids, removals, and indefinite immigration detention. Inspired by her experiences of working with an immigration detainee support group, Leah Cowan brings us her debut full-length play, which deftly interrogates the asylum process in the UK and challenges us to question our own attitudes towards those who seek our protection.


"I know that lots of people aren’t happy about the job we do. But everyone has their role to play."










Director: Madelaine Moore

Writer: Leah Cowan

Produced by The Thelmas


Cast:  Yvette Boakye, Anthony Cozens, Sukh Ojla, John Omole,

John Rayment



First Performed as a staged reading at the Bishopsgate Institute on 2nd November 2014 

Performed by Anthony Cozens, Sukh Ojla, Paul Thomas & Obioma Ugoala

Directed by Madelaine Moore

Produced in association with This is not a gateway festival


 The Thelmas sold out both short runs of


at the Etcetera Camden in January and February 2015

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