Santi & Naz

Santi & Naz are best friends living in a small village in India. When Naz is betrothed to an older man, the threat of their separation looms large on the horizon. As the political situation around the country’s partition worsens, they decide to take drastic action.


SANTI & NAZ explores childhood friendship, identity and loyalty, set against the backdrop of a country soon to be changed forever.


A new play by Guleraana Mir and Afshan D’souza-Lodhi, from award-winning company, The Thelmas, makers of LADYKILLER & COCONUT.

Writers:                                           Guleraana Mir & Afshan D’souza-Lodhi

Story Concept:                               Guleraana Mir & Madelaine Moore

Director:                                          Madelaine Moore

Producer:                                        The Thelmas

Associate Producer:                      Vikesh Godhwani

Designer:                                         Sascha Gilmour

Lighting Designer:                         Rajiv Pattani

Composer & Sound Designer:      Sarah Sayeed

Associate Director:                         Medhavi Patel

Photography by Greg Veit Photography

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