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“Just leave it all to me. I’m going to sort EVERYTHING out.  Sort out this

troubled nation like an unruly sock drawer at half-term…”



In times of national peril, with all this devolution, UKIP-Lilliputian and Russell Brand-prostitution, what we need are role models with high standards, proper poise, and a healthy respect for good grammar. Thank goodness Lotta Quizeen is here!  While husband Dickie is abroad with work, Lotta’s son Hugo has agreed to help his mother out with her campaign - if only he would hurry back from Prontaprint with the pamphlets!  The empty nest has never seemed emptier for women like Lotta and with so many young women busy with their careers (including her daughter-in-law, Susan), Lotta is ready to step majestically into the breach and bring sensible back to this fair isle!  Today the John Lewis Aga; tomorrow, the World!



‘sometimes-hilarious, sometimes-heart breaking, but always-rewarding show… earns my vote any day.’

**** FringeGuru, Brighton Fringe 2015


‘Special highlight of Female Arts Scratch: Revolution with Elocution! I can even fold a fitted sheet now…’ Audience member, Bread and Roses Theatre 2014


‘Lotta Quizeen has a unique thing going and, well, I’ll never be able to fold a napkin without giggling again.’ – Theatre in the Cheap Seats, Battersea Arts Centre 2013


Creative Team


Performed by Katie Richardson

Written by Serena Haywood

Directed By Madelaine Moore

Produced by The Thelmas


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Tel:  07909 662 439                       Email:


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"Headscarves on!"