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by Guleraana Mir

When Mira walks out of an abusive marriage, her outreach worker recommends that she join a support group in a nondescript community centre, offering part therapy, part physical training. Here women with similar experiences to her share their stories and vent their anger. But all is not as it seems; instead of purging their trauma, they seem to reenact it over, and over again. As Mira gets stronger and digs deeper into the group's background, she uncovers an unsettling truth.


Bootcamp asks what happens when you can no longer see the line between victim and perpetrator, and who actually benefits from the sharing of trauma. 

the (beat) rover
after Aphra Behn

the (beat) rover is a Beat poetry inspired reworking of Restoration Comedy and proto-feminist text, The Rover by Aphra Behn, which unpicks the contemporary value of problematic classical texts, and the exclusion/commodification of female authorial voice in the canon.


This project is in its initial stage of development, supported by an MGC Futures Bursary (received by Maddy as an individual artist).

funky dance.jpg


CIVIL is a global audio project inspired by civil disobedience. It will be presented as a series of audio dramas offering a UK and global perspective on female voices and civil disobedience. The project includes participatory and engagement activity that can be tailored to a variety of community groups, inviting them to create their own pieces along the same themes.


We have received interest from a London based venue to create a pilot version of the project, which can then be toured as an installation. 

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