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A girl. An empty street. A half-eaten Subway.
And you. And you passing in the rain. Turning the corner when I saw you. 

A.A. is moving from Eastern Europe to the promised land of Guinness and gift shops: Dublin. 

Everyone says she’ll do well ‘cause she owns slacks and knows how to spell. But it turns out that you don't just grow out of working in retail. Or get on the property ladder. Or ascend the corporate ladder. Or own a ladder... without money.


NOTCH by Danaja Wass was debuted at VAULT Festival 2020

Writer & Performer:                      Danaja Wass

Director:                                           Madelaine Moore

On screen performer:                   Evelyn Lockley

Film:                                                   Eva Kraljevic

Lighting & Digital Design:            Martha Godfrey

Movement Direction:                    Lucy Bishop

Sound Design:                                 Madelaine Moore

Associate Designer:                       Sascha Gilmour

Technical Stage Manager:            Josephine Shipp

Associate Producer:                       Guleraana Mir

Producer:                                          The Thelmas

Photography by Steve Gregson

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