Ladylogue!’ is an evening of one-woman shorts by some of the UK’s finest emerging female playwrights. Past writers have included Maud Dromgoole. Katie McCullough, Tina Jay, Sarah Hehir, Guleraana Mir, Lucy Foster, Madeline Gould, Serena Haywood, Mina Maisuria, Sarah Milton and Maria Yarjah.


Hilarious or heart-warming, often agonizing and at times a little dark, these tales reveal the inner lives of women dealing with whatever the world throws at them, by all means necessary.  Are they mistresses of their own fates or merely making the best of a bad situation? Be they hopeful or hopeless, these ladies will open up a portion of their world, and will never give up without a fight! 


‘Ladylogue!’ is an annual new writing showcase from budding company The Thelmas, who are dedicated to promoting and supporting rising female talent. The gender imbalance in British theatre has never seemed more incongruous and so, much like the characters they help develop, The Thelmas are taking matters into their own hands.  They are passionate about seeing more work commissioned which is written by women, for women and their work reflects this.  


 ★★★★ ‘…an energetic bunch of talented women… I’ll be watching you again’ - remotegoatstage 


 ★★★★ ’…hilarious, challenging, and heartbreaking… 

executed with grace, variety, and interest.' 

- Grumpygaycritic 


 ★★★★ ’...laughing so loud I would have been embarrassed if everyone else wasn’t also barking, snorting and shrieking’ 

- femalearts 


...highly relatable to many of our awkward and painful teenage memories… Beautifully and cleverly written Maud Dromgoole, and expertly portrayed by Rhiannon Story. (femalearts)


 ★★★ 'An all-female cast and crew making theatre that people like - maybe that's the best kind of feminism' 

- View from the Gods 



This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions.


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